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Are You Getting Enough Fiber?


We all had those moments when we were somewhat stuck... in the toilet, that is. Constipation is the result of a lack of dietary fiber in our diet. According to a Malaysian study, the average Malaysian only takes around 11g to 18g of dietary fiber daily compared to a minimum of 25g recommended by the local dietary guideline. That means most Malaysians eat 40% less of what they should, and what tranpires is toilet troubles and worse still, the tedency to feel sluggish during the waking hours. This is especially true post lunch. Fiber actually helps to slow down digestion, giving us slowly release bouts of energy, keeping us alert and giving us a good blood sugar level.

Getting more fiber is not rocket science, but here are 5 ways to increase your fiber intake.

1.  Start your day with high fiber cereals - choose high fiber breakfast cereals or rolled oats for breakfast. It is relatively quick and simple to prepare; just add milk and you are good to go.

2. Choose whole grains over refined grains - When given a choice, always opt for whole grains over highly processed refined grains. For example, choose wholemeal over white bread. Thus simple switch can help put a whooping 3g of fiber into your diet for every 2 slices of bread you consume. Thats 12% of your daily target!

3.  Fruits for dessert - A great way to end a meal is with something sweet. Eating a piece of fruit instead of a bowl of pudding is a great way to getting more fiber in our diet. This change will make your toilet time a smoother ride.

4. Beans and legumes - Dietary fiber does not exclusively come from fruits and vegetables. Beans and legumes actually pack more than double the amount of fiber gram per gram as compared to fruits and vegetables. So next time, mix your food with rich and sumptuous baked beans to up your fiber gain.

5.  Fiber supplements - A really simple way to incorporate more fiber into our diet is through fiber supplements. Usually, fiber supplements come in powder form. All you have to do is to mix a serving of it with a glass of water and drink immediately after dinner. The average fiber supplement in the market can easily provide 5g of fiber per serving. That’s already 20% of our daily requirement.

Fiber in short, is important to keep our energy level steady throughout the day and helps us eliminate waste smoothly. It’s easy and everyone can do it!


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