Heart Disease: What Happens When You Skip Your Medication


Do you have a problem remembering your heart medication, yet can’t be bothered? Well, you won’t be the first, but the outcome can be devastating and you need to know.

As you would imagine, medication noncompliance is a major public health concern. In the United States, almost 1 in 3 adults has high blood pressure and almost half of them don’t have their medication under control. That is a grave reality, because according to a study, adherence to blood pressure medication contributes to 45% better control of blood pressure than those who don’t.

When you skip your blood pressure medication, your pressure becomes poorly regulated, putting stress on your body organs. That is certainly not ideal, because these organs may progress to fail. It’s just like how you perform poorly during stressful times, and eventually crack when pressure mounts further.

Similarly, when you skip your blood thinning medication, you put yourself at high risk of having blood clots. Heart attack or stroke is what will follow.

Hence, speak to your healthcare professional if you have problems remembering your medication. If you are skipping because of medication side effects, consult your pharmacist immediately for advice. We are here to tackle your condition, and we can provide you with a practical medication plan that suits you best. Never skip your medication.  

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