Hennson Dry Fit Regular Pants (L) 10s

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Specially designed for Comfort & Active Fit

It's unique design featuring a soft material waistband  provides a 360 snug fit keeping you comfortable all day long. Importantly,  it feels like an innerwear that follows the contour of your body. It gives you maximum protection to safeguard any urinary leagage  so that you can wear it with confidence and at ease any time of the day.



L size: 39" - 59" / 99cm - 149cm (Waist measurement)


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Unique Features:

  1. Soft Elastic Waistband
  2. Superior Absorbency Core Pad
  3. Double Protection
  4. Wetness Indicator
  5. Blue Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL)

How to wear adult disposable pants:

  1. Ensure that the blue string image are being worn as front part of diaper pant
  2. Place your feet inside the leg cuffs of diaper pants one by one in sitting position & then slide it upwards till the knees
  3. Pull the diapers pants upwards to waist area in standing position
  4. Adjust diaper pants by running your fingers through & around the waistband
  5. Ensure the leakguards are open near the thigh area in order to prevent leakage

Standing position

  1. Wearing the same way as ordinary underwear, can be directly put on.
  2. Ensure the blue string image is facing front

  • If irritation occurs. discontinue use.
  • This is a single use product.
  • Keep in dry & clean environment.

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